Photographer - Hilton Bux

In every wedding ceremony and in every banquet, there is always a thing or two that

catches my eyes once I walk in. May be it’s a glance; may be a step. Or perhaps an

electrifying smile that brightens up the room with joy and eagerness that lies within.

I am convinced that the picture will compose itself.

You will see what others see

- from the eyes of those who share your moment

- the moment that others admire and adore.

My background in fine arts has taught me one thing: the visual presentation that impresses

is never two dimensional. I am here to capture not only what happens on the most

important day of your life but also the emotions, the characters, the love and the passion.

I am not afraid to try new ideas. You will see mesmerizing colors and unique angles that

make your memory vivid and alive.

The story will age but should also last. Think about how you will feel 10, 25 years

from now when you pick up your wedding photo album. Can you relive the memory as it

was only yesterday? I find my highest satisfaction in seeing the smiles,

the sweetness and the surprises on your face when you are reviewing the pictures.

Because it is then I know this special day will be with you for the rest of your life.